Roundup PROMAX® herbicide – concentrate – 2.5 Gal



Roundup PROMAX® herbicide

Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is widely used to control weeds and brush in professional vegetation management situations such as roadsides, railroad rights of way, turf management and landscaping.

The active ingredient in Roundup PROMAX, glyphosate, is
absorbed into the green vegetation and is translocated
throughout the plant, including the roots. Glyphosate works
by inhibiting production of an enzyme that is essential to
formation of essential amino acids in plants. Obvious signs
of treatment may not be visible for one to four days in annual
weeds and for up to seven days or more in perennials.
Visible effects include gradual wilting or yellowing followed
by complete browning and deterioration of plant tissue, and
ultimate decomposition of the underground roots and
rhizomes. Since Roundup PROMAX works only on plants
that have emerged through the soil, it will not affect seeds in
the soil that have not yet sprouted. When desirable vegetation
is in close proximity to weeds, care must be exercised to keep
Roundup PROMAX off of green plant tissues.

Extensive toxicological studies have been conducted on
glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup PROMAX
herbicide. The results of these studies in animals have
demonstrated that glyphosate does not cause cancer, birth
defects, mutagenic effects, neurotoxic effects or reproductive
In addition, toxicological studies with a formulation similar
to Roundup PROMAX herbicide demonstrate that it has very
low toxicity to birds and mammals and moderate toxicity to
aquatic invertebrates and fish.
The results of thorough environmental studies indicate that
application of glyphosate herbicides in accordance with the
label does not pose an unreasonable risk.

(Information taken from the Roundup ProMax factsheet)

Please read label for specific mixing instructions.