Landscaping Supplies and Product Delivery

                We happy to prepare an order in advance for quick pick up or schedule a local delivery in bulk, jumbo bags, or by the pallet.  

                                                  Due to current fluctuation in gas prices, please call for delivery service charges.

If you would like to find out more about our delivery services



email us here.

  • How to prepare for your next rock or mulch delivery: Decide on an area in your yard to have your product dropped. We will only place the product in a well open area, driveway, and roadways clear of wires, and trees. We at Elkin Lawn and Garden recommend that you place a tarp on the ground to ensure no damage to your driveway or grass area and to reduce the chances of contamination of your product, and minimize your clean up.
  • We have commercial dump trucks that are very heavy when they are empty. Add a few tons of material to that and driving over soft grass becomes a bad situation for both you and our driver. The truck and your lawn can become damaged very quickly. We would like to avoid any situation that can do more harm than good, and we are sure you would appreciate the same!

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