Plants and Potting Supplies

Our customers give Elkin Lawn and Garden a green thumbs up for local plants and potting supplies. Our location at 1714 Bridge Street in Elkin, NC features a spacious greenhouse that is stocked with local and seasonal plants and flowers, as well as shrubs and trees to adorn your backyard landscaping project. For patios, porches, and decks, we keep a variety of pots and planters that are as decorative as they are functional. And to complete everything you need to add beautiful greenery to your home or yard, Elkin LGPM has bagged soil and amendments in the quantities you need.

We would love to show you around the garden center and talk plants and potting supplies. Feel free to come by and see what we have to offer for yourself, call 336-258-8400 to inquire about what seasonal selections we have in stock, or contact us by email here.


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Natives - Annuals - Perennials - Grasses - Woody Ornamentals


Welcome to Elkin Lawn and Garden, your source for healthy, beautiful plants ready for you to hand select. Created to make shopping even easier for our customers, Elkin Lawn and Garden is a one-stop shop for retail garden center buyers, landscapers, designers, and gardening professionals.

Your property is one big, beautiful landscape in and of itself. So it’s only natural that we stock a comprehensive selection of attractive, healthy, landscape-ready plants. From natives, annuals and perennials to grasses and woody ornamentals, you’ll find everything you need to create eye-catching, balanced, and functional designs.

We can also work with your ideas to source the plants your design calls for. Just bring in your landscape plan or let us help you with a plan.  We’ll find exactly what you need to bring it to life.


If you would like to find out more about our routine property maintenance, or get an estimate on your property, please call us at 336-258-8400 or email us here.

Elevate Your Indoor or Outdoor Space with High Quality Affordable Pieces

Create the way of life you deserve!  Build your Indoor or Outdoor space that lends itself to years of love and life.  Put your personal touches on your space by adding elegant curves, unique glazes, and long-lasting materials.  A subtle piece that will make you smile or a statement piece that will have your family, friends, and neighbors in awe.  Whatever your style Elkin Lawn and Garden is here to help.  

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Mixes, Fertilizers, and other Potting Supplies

Adjusting nutrient levels in your soil can be done many different ways with many different soil amendments. Most soils need some kind of balancing with either macro or micronutrients at some point in it’s lifetime. Knowing that growers need a broad choice of amendments at reasonable prices has led us to provide you with a range of soil amendments.

As soil testing has gained popularity in the natural soil market, the need for products to make adjustments has grown. Back in the day organic farmers thought all you had to do was add animal manure compost every year for a healthy soil. We now know there is a lot more to it than that, and adding to much compost can actually be detrimental and cost prohibitive.

Depending on your type or style of growing there are many different ways to factor in what amendments would be best for your particular soil situation. The obvious first choice is to get a soil test from a reputable lab and base your needs off of that. 

Regardless of the methods you use to direct you toward the best way to balance your soil, having a wide range of options at reasonable prices is key. That’s why we spend so much time sourcing soil balancing products that can help to balance most any soil issues.

Contact Us, Elkin Lawn and Garden, with your needs and we will be glad to test your soil or guide you to the right products.

If you would like to find out more about our routine lawn maintenance, or get an estimate on your yard, please call us at 336-258-8400 or email us here.