Eastern NC Long Leaf Pine Straw Bale

Eastern NC Pine Straw Bales

2’x1’x10” Bale Size

9” Standard Needle

Dark Brown with a hint of Auburn.  Easy to apply, natural product, clean, and durabile.

Recommend spreading of at least 2”-3” thick.


Pine needles are a cost-effective, long-lasting mulch that is spread easily and never compacts. Pine needles conserve moisture, buffers extreme temperatures, and do not harbor fungus or termites. Landscapes are beautified wherever pine needles are found, all without harming a single tree.

Pine needles are Mother Nature’s perfect mulch. The NCPNPA has been planting longleaf pine seedlings since the 1980’s. Common uses include: residential and commercial landscapes, flower beds, natural areas, pathways, pet bedding and livestock barns. 

How many pine needles to buy?

Pine needles are typically sold in bales. The density of each bale may vary, but an average longleaf pine needle bale will cover 40-50 sq. ft.  If it is the first-time pine needles are being spread in an area, it may cover less area, or if they are refreshing an existing bed, a bale may cover more square footage.     

How do I spread pine needles?

Bales are typically held together with twine. Once the twine is cut or removed, grab a section of needles and begin to shake over area. If needles are tightly compacted, pull apart with both hands and shake liberally. When done correctly, it will lay loosely on the ground and create a natural bed of mulch. It is also recommended to wear gloves!

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Per Cubic Yard

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