Curlex® Erosion Control Blanket 8′ x 150′

Removing the top-layer of soil reduces soil quality and the ability to grow vegetation and crops. Erosion problems can also lead to severe water runoff issues, loss of vegetation, and increased sedimentation pollution in rivers and streams.
Curlex is the original erosion control blanket. It is engineered specifically with Great Lakes Aspen curled wood fibers which promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while also protecting the topsoil from erosion. The multi-directional Curlex fiber matrix is bound by photo-degradable, biodegradable, or permanent netting.

Typical applications include highway embankments, ditch bottoms and slopes, urban drainage, and much more! All Curlex blankets are seed-free, do not contain resins, and are softly barbed, interlocking, curled aspen excelsior fibers.
Curlex is one of the most recognized Erosion brand names in the market and has been supporting the nation’s embankments and hillsides from erosion for over 50 years.

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