Howard AccuBlend™ Fertilizer is processed by blending prescription fertilizers for the Turf and Ornamental professional. By blending the highest quality ingredients and the latest material technologies through technically advanced, computerized declining weight system; you can be certain the fertilizer blend you receive will perform as expected when used in mid-spring.  For season-long control of crabgrass and control or suppression of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds on bag label.


The numbers in commercial fertilizers represent the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorous (also called phosphate), and potassium (also called potash) that the fertilizer contains. So 12-0-14 fertilizer has 12% nitrogen, 0% phosphorus, and 14% potassium.

  • Nitrogen (N) in the fertilizer helps nurture the grass. It makes it greener, thicker, and lusher.
  • Phosphorus (P) targets the soil system. It helps enhance it, which results in a more robust root system. Phosphorus is also the nutrient essential for prolific fruit production and flower blooming.
  • Potassium (K), on the other hand, promotes the general wellbeing of your lawn. It also builds up plant cells and boosts healthy development.

Plants use nutrients from the soil to grow stronger and healthier. The key to a flourishing turf is selecting and applying the appropriate fertilizer for each plant type.

Watch the video below for information about the Polyworx yellow slow-release coating contained in the 12-0-14 Fertilizer.

Improves overall color and helps reduce moisture loss. Polyworx allows you to precisely target the release of potassium to the exact time when your landscapes require it.


Every little yellow Polyworx prill packs a big punch. This high-performance product delivers the right amount of nutrients to match the pace of your desired growth.

Here are a few winning benefits of Polyworx polymer coated potash:

  • Promotes root growth and wear tolerance
  • Enhances plant maturity and disease resistance
  • Minimizes leaching and helps establish a durable foundation
  • Offers predictable nutrient availability
  • Stands out on turf and blends into bunkers