Fire Pits

Fire Pits – Why Have One?

Enjoyment: What is more relaxing than sitting near an open fire on a clear night? If you answered sitting near an open fire on a cool Autumn evening or enjoying a close gathering of friends and family around a roaring fire, you’d be correct. Fire pits allow you to spend more enjoyable time outdoors. Warm up the colder nights of the year and stay outside just a little bit longer by gathering around a toasty campfire. People have been gathering around fires since the actual dawn of time and it isn’t hard to understand why.

Versatility: Fire pits allow enjoyment of the great outdoors in all four seasons. Their uses extend well beyond just having a dedicated place for roasting marshmallows. Fire pits are helpful in reducing unwanted pests from your outdoor area (we’re talking about you, pesky mosquitos and other biting insects). They radiate warmth and light, allowing you and your family to stay outside just a little bit longer. Lastly, you can cook with them! Wood-burning fire pits make wonderful open-air grills, turning your back yard or outdoor area into a rugged kitchen.

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